Jitendra Shares His Success In Farming


For farmers like Jitendra Prasad of Baulevu Naitasiri being in the business of farming and continuing with his family’s line of work is something he never regrets doing.
Being a descendent of Girmitya, Jitendra shared his struggles and passion for farming and how this has been source of income for his family for the past 20 years.
“I grew up in a farming community so you can see why I love this work so much because during the younger days we would toil the land in order to survive.”
“On my farm we plant dalo, okra and kumala. I supply my crops to Navua and the Western Division, I have few different breeds of dalo- they are nigger, jabeni, Rewa and Tausala.”
Mr Prasad also supplies his dalo to Sigatoka and Nadi markets and uses his own transport to do so.
“This saves a lot of costs especially when we have to hire transport, however, being able to save money and time I utilize the resources that I have in place.”
“From farming I was able to send my children to school, build a better home for my family, I am looking after my father and mother and I would not have asked for more.”
Mr Prasad adds that reaping the benefits of your own hard work is like “sweet success” but it takes a lot of sacrifice and perseverance to be able to achieve.
“The market prices for dalo varies, sometime its $1.60 a kg or maybe it goes up $2 and in a year I can sell up to 60-70 kilograms of dalo in Navua and Western division.”
“I have requested the Minister for accessibility of good farm road that will assist in our production and proper drainage but we have learnt to work smart because we are living in flood prone.”
Currently he owns a tractor, bulldozer and Ford ranger including a carrier that he uses to transport his farm produce.
Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy, while visiting farms in the greater Nausori area, reassured the farmers of Government support towards the agricultural sector.
“As farmers the Ministry’s intent to actively promote commercial agriculture, I would like to emphasize your role in advancing the sector by utilizing Government’s available resources, and to work collaboratively with the Ministry to implement initiatives.”
“I must commend you all for the effort that you tirelessly put into your farms, whether it be livestock or crops, you play an important role in feeding the nation and contributing to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.”
Minister Reddy reassured the farmers that the ministry is committed to boosting the sector to another level to increase agricultural production through commercial farming.
“We will provide you with a package in terms of farm roads, it may not be done in a week’s time or in a month but we want to do it by December.”
“Another alternative for your farm roads is that we will bring our machines, drainage will be done along the farm roads and if there is gravel somewhere which affects waterways from having free flow of water and thus contributes to flooding, we can clear the waterways and at the same time use that material for your farm road,” he said.