Minister Updates Residents on Settlement Upgrade


Fijians living in the Sakoca Informal Settlement received a visit from the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Premila Kumar where she addressed the residents on the update of the Sakoca Informal Settlement Upgrading Project.

Residents expressed their gratitude for this upgrading assistance they are receiving from the Government as Sakoca Settlement was one of the six settlements selected for preparatory work out of the 250 informal settlements around the country. She assured the residents that work was progressing smoothly and that the budget allocated for the project has been utilised in the different development stages.

“Work is going smoothly as we have done the scheme plan and topography plan. The scheme plan has been passed by TLTB and now the next step would be the engineering plan. Of course, environmentalists would also have to come to have a look at this place.

“Our target is to commence the construction work in the next budget, so we have to complete the engineering plan from March till July,” Minister Kumar said.

Once the engineering plan is completed, tenders will be called for construction companies to place their bid for costs.

Construction work will commence once costing has been finalised.

Minister Kumar also reminded the residents that patience was vital for quality development.

“We are progressing. It is not something that can be done over-night because there is a whole process involved. Construction work takes time – making the roads, drainage and proper sewerage system takes time.”

“This is not a private sector development, this is the Government trying to assist the community so that you can get a better development of life,” Minister Kumar stated.