Natokalau Benefits From Solar Home System


“It has been a very long time since we got to see light in this village and I am grateful for this achievement with our Government.”

These were the words by Natokalau Village headman Niu Mataiwalu, after the commis­sioning of the Solar Home Projects by the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Dis­aster Management and Meteorological Ser­vices, Jone Usamate.

“Today we celebrate an achievement for our village, this is something very big for us because it provides electricity,” Mr Matai­walu said.

“I would like to thank the Government for approving our application for this project to bring light to our village.”
Minister Usamate added that the children would now have solar lights to study at night and it was up to all Fijians benefitting from this to maximize on this opportunity.

“Access to power is an enormous advan­tage, it allows you to be more productive and accomplish far more on a daily basis.”

“Don’t let this chance go to waste.”

Minister Usamate said having access to electricity improves the livelihood of every­one, young and old, and its effects multiply to contribute to the achievement of our de­velopmental goals.

A women representative, Taraguci Koto­balavu said, “Whenever we wanted to work through the night it was hard because we had no light, but because of the solar project we are able to”.

“We would like to thank the Minister for this achievement and for always thinking of us villagers.”