Navatudua Women’s Club


Women have the potential to be conduits of development and we must utilise this to move our communities forward.
These were the words of Navatudua Women’s Club president Kinisimere Namere of Raviravi Village, Macuata during an interview on the club’s achievements.
Located on the coasts of Macuata province, the 23 member club is involved in half-pearl farming that has funded some of their community projects.
“We were introduced to pearl farming in 2005 and it was going well till Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016. The destruction caused by the cyclone greatly affected our pearl farm,” Mrs Namere said.
“After this, it took a while to set-up again but we were not discouraged because we know that the funds collected from this activity is very important for our projects in the village.”
“Since it takes a longer time to harvest pearls, we decided to venture into half-pearl farming.”
The half-pearls or Mabe are harvested, processed and used to make handicrafts such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Members of the Club were trained on how to cut and make jewellery from half pearls and pearl shells by an expert from Papua New Guinea last year.
This was a result of collaborative work between the club, Australian Centre and the Ministry of Fisheries.
“The funds collected from our sales have been used to renovate our community hall which was run down, assisted in an electrification project for the village and we have funds set aside to assist our children who go into tertiary education apart from other minor projects,” Mrs Namere said.
“We would like to also thank the men for helping us out with our farm, for we must all work together to help fight poverty in our respective communities.”
They are expecting their next harvest in December this year.