Online Firm Pushes Eco-Friendly Business


With the Fijian Government making strong commitments to climate action, Eco-Conscious (Fiji) have followed suit by providing alternatives to plastic products within its business.

Founder of Eco-Conscious (Fiji) Natasha Woods said she started her business after noticing how people, including herself, struggled to find eco-friendly alternatives to plastic.

“I started to reduce my own plastic footprint in the small ways that I could,” Ms Woods said.

“Eventually, I realised that none of my friends were doing the same, neither were a lot of people around me.”

Eco-Conscious (Fiji), which is an online store, sells eco-friendly sustainable products such as metal straws, produce bags and bamboo toothbrushes.

Ms Woods, who is passionate about the natural environment, said upon launching her business stocks sold out quite fast.

“That’s when I became much more aware of how conscious a lot of people are about what they purchase,” she said.

“It wasn’t what I expected so I was extremely happy that a lot of people are environmentally conscious and are very keen to purchase eco-friendly products.”

The online business mainly sources its products internationally from countries such as China and Vietnam.
“We have some products that are also locally produced like our beeswax wraps, straw pouches and wraps. We hope to expand into more locally made products in the future,” she said.

“Sustainable development can’t be achieved by any one individual, we all need to participate and do our part,” she added.

At present, HG Leach (Fiji), responsible for the management of Naboro landfill estimates that an average of 10,000 tons of plastic is being produced by Fijians which end up every year at the landfill.