School Set Its Goals


Cicia High School Prin­cipal Maciu Koroitamana believes that despite hur­dles the school faces it will do its best to achieve its goal of 100 per cent pass rate.

Mr Koroitamana believes that even though at times they face water and electricity problems, the school will be successful in achieving its target, which is 100 per cent pass in the major exami­nations.

“Currently we are facing issues in regards to water problems in school, secondly there are also issues with the solar systems and the lights in the school, but we are making do with what we have.”

Mr Koroitamana said that the school reservoir has no water in it so they are relying on tanks to sup­ply water for the school.

“We are making do for now with water from the tank and the stu­dents are using the sea water for their bathing.”

“We are focusing our target this year, like every other school, for a 100 per cent pass.”

“Even though I know we have done this in the past, it has been a platform that has continued to challenge us today and I am thank­ful to the 78 students that we have and also the 19 staff.”

Mr Koroitamana, who hails from Naitasiri, said, on the behalf of the school, he was thankful to the com­munity, parents and government officials who helped the school in various ways.

“We hope to thank them by pro­viding good results and we will continue to strive for students to always aim for the sky.”

He said that he wants to show the students that anything is possible even if you come from a school on the island.

“Even though it is tough with all these obstacles they face, with the Lord on our side, and all the hard work early in the morning and late at night I believe we can do it this year.”

“It’s the students’ hard work which is one of the greatest assets that we have.”

Minister for Infrastructure, Trans­port, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services, Jone Us­amate visited the school during his Lau Tour last week.

During his visit to Cicia, Minis­ter Usamate officiated at the com­missioning of solar projects with $463,896 spent to provide electric­ity to the 140 households.