Second Lease of Life A Blessing for Driso


For Asenaca Driso, having another chance of life is a blessing that she continues to share her story on her experience during her cancer journey.

The 33-year-old mother of five is a cer­vical cancer survivor and is a one of the many cancer patients who is sharing her story during this Pinktober month.

“I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2017. When I was told that I had cervical cancer, the first word that came into my mind was ‘death’. My whole world just came crashing down because my youngest child at the time was only one-year-six-months old.”

Ms Driso said that she noticed the signs in August of 2017 and when she ‘googled’ it, she learned that they were signs and symp­toms of cervical cancer.

She ignored the gravity of her discovery, thinking that the signs were part and par­cel of the family planning method she was on at the time and only went to the doctor when the abdominal pain became unbear­able.

“The doctors advised me that there was no treatment available for me locally but if I’m lucky and if we have the finances, then we’ll have to go overseas. To go overseas will cost us about $10,000 to $15,000 and with my husband’s income at the time, it wasn’t enough to get me to India.”

Ms Driso is thankful for the Government’s assistance that allowed her to go to India to receive the treatment that she needed. Her husband also accompanied her on the trip.

“I’m grateful to the Government because the doctors advised us to apply for a medi­cal evacuation where the Government will pay for our expenses. I’m thankful to the Government of the day for providing all that.”

“We went to India for the treatment – it was chemo and radiation for 10 weeks. I lost a lot of blood and a lot of weight. At times at night I cried myself to sleep be­cause of the pain and because I wanted to get back home.

She is thankful to her husband and chil­dren for staying by her side throughout her cancer journey.

“Cancer does not only affect one person, but a family as a whole. My ignorance al­most cost me my loved ones, especially my husband and my kids. I’m grateful to God for blessing me with a patient and kind­hearted man who has been with me from day one. Being the man that he is, he was man enough to be beside me throughout my cancer journey.”

October is the month dedicated towards cancer awareness and is now commonly referred to as Pinktober.

“It’s going to prevent a lot of young girls from getting cervical cancer as they grow older,” Minister Waqainabete said.

He said, while there is prevention for cer­vical cancer, there is none for breast can­cer.

“Therefore, it is important to have events such as this (Pinktober Morning Tea) where we raise awareness for breast can­cer,” she said.