Singh: Teach Your Kids Good Values


"I am overjoyed to have been rewarded for my service to the Government for the past 36-years with this commemorative medal and I attribute this honour to my family, in particular my late husband who was my rock."

This was the sentiment shared by 59-year-old Anuradha Singh who has served at the Fiji Corrections Services (FCS) as the Chief Corrections Officer after receiving Fiji’s 50th Anniversary of Independence Commemorative Medal at a ceremony at the Fiji Corrections Centre in Naboro with more than 70 other officers.

“I joined the FCS in 1981 and worked at the Women’s Correction Centre for 15 years and then got transferred to the Men’s Corrections Centre in Suva and I have immensely enjoyed the task assigned to me,” Mrs Singh said.

“The inmates would share their hardships and grief with us and we would provide them with counselling services so that they can reform into a better person in order for their family and society to accept them back,” she added.

“I came across lots of women and girl inmates with children and family of their own and I used to advise them that this prison is not for them. I used to visit their families as well and while providing counselling to them they would cry knowing that life is not easy in prison.”

Mrs Singh proudly states that through the FCS rehabilitation programs, the families of the inmates understood what they were going through and welcomed them back as a changed person.

“I am so grateful that I had a supportive family who were always understanding of my working hours and actually encouraged me to continue to fulfil my career path,” Mrs Singh said.

“My advice to all the parents is to keep your children safe and teach them good values so they don’t follow the wrong path and if they make a mistake then be kind to them and correct them instead of kicking them out and disowning them because without guidance this will only lead them astray and maybe lead them to even prison.”

In congratulating the awardees for their unwavering commitment and fortitude in the performance of their duties, the President Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote acknowledged them for remaining resolute and loyal in supporting the Fijian Government and its people over the years to this historical and important milestone since “Independence in our history as an Independent Sovereign State”.

“As members of the Discipline Forces we must maintain the trust and confidence of our People at all times and as your President and Head of State I charge you with this responsibility,” President Konrote said.

“Nominations that have been received to this day, the College of Honour Team have been very particular and diligent in their work to ensure that this special and historic commemorative medal is presented to deserving members of the Public/Private Sectors and Civil Society.”

“We have shown the world community that we are; a resilient people, a strong people, a caring people, a united people who are collectively confident that with Almighty God’s continued guidance and blessings, Fiji is destined to achieve more great things in the next 50 years,” the Chancellor of the Order of Fiji added.