Technology Provides Safe, Drinkable Water


A Chemical free and electricity free technology to make safe drinkable water has been installed at the University of the South Pacific.

The Ecological Purification System (EPS) is designed to make a germ free safe drinking water by wisely using natural ecological process without chemicals.

The EPS is a naturally purifying system which aids in the treatment of raw water for the production of clean and safe drinking water for communities According to JICA’s project formulation advisor, infrastructure Atsumi Kani the project was introduced during JICA’s group training back in 2011 where one of Fiji’s participant got inspired with EPS and believed that that it will be a potential way to purify waters in the villages.

“The equipment is power free and chemical free and uses the sun to purify the water and was built last May.”

“We are still testing of this to find out whether it will work because this is the first time we are using rainwater.”

Ms Kani said water sources in villages which is contaminated by floods or come from ponds and wells can be purified with EPS. Another project that was undertaken at USP was the construction of the ICT center in at the cost $44 million in the first phase and $17,140,000 in the second phase to complete.

USP’s director for Information Technology, Kisione Finau, said students from all over the region are blessed to have the help from the people of Japan.

“One of the main aims for the ITC is to capture our culture with the hope that our next generation to come can look back and say hey, this is our culture.”

“That is why we have a facility as such, as you can see we do not use this for teaching, we reserve this place mainly for conferences and special occasions that involve protecting our culture.”