Vandalism A Setback for Public Amenities



Vandalism has been one of the major setbacks for con­structing amenities like chil­dren’s parks, says the Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar.

Speaking at the opening of the Silversun Children’s Park Bure in Savusavu, Minister Kumar stressed the importance of taking re­sponsibility over such amenities.

“We need to create such spaces for the communities and as the Minister for Local Government it is one of my task to provide such spaces for the ratepayers,” Minister Kumar said.

“Often it is difficult to provide facilities for two reasons - one is the cost and sec­ondly vandalism that we generally see.”

“It is your bure, your town and this facil­ity is for you and therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to look after this facility.”

The park had undergone a facelift at a cost of $25,000 and now boasts more amenities with the inclusion of a bure.

Minister Kumar said it was important that children have access to social spaces as such where they were encouraged to inter­act with one another.

“Our children also need a social space where they can interact, play and that brings the community together because the chil­dren will not come alone, they will come with their parents,” she said.

One of the local parents, Priyanka Chand said they have been anticipating the com­pletion of the project so they could spend time with their children there.

Like most of the parents here, I’m excit­ed for the opening of this park because it provides a place where we could bring our children to enjoy during holidays and week­ends,” Ms. Chand said.

“I look forward to bringing my children here and I would like to thank the Savusavu Town Council and the Government for this incentive.”