Vendors Praise Roadside Stall Facilities



Seventy three year-old Salote Saunabulu of Levuka Village in Savusavu is one of the many hawkers in the North who now enjoys proper vending facilities.

Prior to the installation of these market stalls, Mrs Saunabulu said she and her colleagues would be selling their produce at the old busstop which left them exposed to the elements of nature.

“I have been a roadside vendor in this area ever since I got married some four decades ago, and I cannot express how grateful we all are for these new stalls,” the mother of eight said.

With a farmer as a husband, she said the revenue she earned as a vendor complemented their family income over the years.

“I spend 15 to 20 minutes walking from the village to the stall by the roadside to sell my produce every morning and I spend about six hours there,” Mrs Saunabulu said.

This resilient woman has this routine six days in a week - except Sundays - unless there is heavy rain. “This new initiative will also help protect our produce from the sun and the rain compared to before. I am truly thankful to the Government for this structure, and I know I speak for most of the women who now benefit from this.”

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Premila Kumar, in an interview, said the intention of the new construction was to provide better shelter for the vendors.

“We strongly believe that these vendors contribute to our economy and we should provide them with better shelter, stalls, and through these stalls they can earn a living and continue contributing to our economy,” Minister Kumar said.