Village Safe From Sea-Level Rise With New Sea-Wall


Villagers of Namuana Village in Kadavu have lauded Government’s assistance with the construction of 150 metres of geo-systemic Sandbag protection and another 100 metres of Boulder protection.

An emotional and delighted Lavenia Viono who is part of the 50 families that make up the Namuana village community thanked the Fijian Government for their assistance in constructing their village seawall. “Before the construction of this sea-wall during high-tide or storm surge, water encroaches into the village causing flooding.”

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, while commissioning the seawall, said the worsening storms, longer droughts, heavier rains and rising seas together represent the greatest threat we have ever faced as a country.

Here on Kadavu’s coast in Namuana Village, the encroaching tides have inflicted a heavy cost.

With a cost of a little over $600,000, PM Bainimarama added that the sea-wall represents an effort at “climate adaptation, basically, Fiji’s ability to adapt to how our planet is changing due to climate change.

“These investments are critical for Fijian communities’ long-term ability to remain safe and productive. Fiji will endure whatever is thrown at us and we will adapt to the new normal of a warming world. We will not grin and bear this struggle; we will act to save ourselves.”

“Abroad, we are leading the world towards a better, more sustainable path; a future of net-zero carbon emissions. At home, we are adapting to the climate-fuelled devastation at our doorstep.”

Since 2014, the Government has invested over $5million in protecting over 2,200 kilometres of vulnerable coastal areas in Fiji through a mix of artificial and nature-based solutions.”

Prime Minister Bainimarama also reassured the villagers of Namuana that the Government builds to cyclone resilient standards.

“When we build, we build to cyclone resilient standards, when communities are in need, we build sea-walls and we relocate communities. And when we rebuild a strong Fijian economy, we build a stronger and safer Fiji. It’s that simple.”