Villagers Enjoy 24-Hour Electricity


We can now wash our clothes in the washing machine just like those living in the urban areas.” These were the first words of a thrilled Aisea Rabitukoli of Bua, Lomanikoro, after his community received electricity.
“Years of dreaming and running around for our solar electricity has finally eventuated and it is something that we still deem as too good to be true,” Mr Rabitukoli said.
The former village headman said they were excited to hear from the Government that they would just have to apply to get the solar systems.
“For years we used lanterns, then we started using the village generator provided by Government. However, even then there were disruptions because the engine would need fixing,” Mr Rabitukoli said.
“The solar systems that we started using by September last year has been consistent, free and sustainable,” he said. Mr Rabitukoli said the villagers could now install electrical appliances in their homes like televisions sets, electrical fans and washing machines, which were once just a dream.
“Members of our community do not need to waste time on hand washing clothes but instead focus their efforts towards other economic activity that would help uplift their livelihood like mat weaving from pandanus leaves and kuta reeds, fan making and many others.
“The solar lights allow them to weave even late into the night. This has caused an increase in the economic activity in the village.” A total of 43 homes now have access to 24-hour electricity in Bua, Lomanikoro.
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport’s director Energy Mikaele Belena said one of the main target of the Government was to have a 100 per cent access to electricity by 2021 and Solar Home System (SHS) projects were one of the form of electricity source implemented by Government for rural areas that do not have access to Electricity Fiji Limited grid. “Government has installed more than 12,000 projects in all rural areas all over Fiji,” Mr Belena said.