Work Starts For North Township



Work has commenced on the much-awaited Nabouwalu Town which is expected to cater for the wider Bua area. In her recent visit to the town development site, the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar said they had big plans for the town, one which included better facilities for boat travellers who get on or get off at the Nabouwalu Jetty.
Minister Kumar said Nabouwalu was very important because of the economic potential it has. “They have started developing the land, so they are in the construction phase. The scheme plans were done, the consultants are working with the developer and obviously the idea is to develop the satellite town because Nabouwalu is very important from an economic point of view,” she said.
It is understood that the land being developed will be subdivided into 44 commercial lots. Minister Kumar said there were some changes that they needed to include in the plan which encompassed proper facilities for boat passengers who pass through the satellite town. She said it had been brought to her attention that there was no proper place for boat passengers to sit so they were usually left to crowd the jetty.
“This is where most of the ships berth, and there are a lot of interisland shipping passengers who come to Nabouwalu. From what I know, on a given day there are about 1000 passengers who get off and get on from Nabouwalu, and unfortunately when you look at Nabouwalu we cannot offer much to the passengers,” Minister Kumar said.
“Particularly when there is a delay for the ship to leave, and because of the delay, the passengers are just walking around, there is no proper shelter, toilet facility, no proper eatery, so the intention is to develop all these facilities, so it is more convenient for the travelling passengers.” The current population of Nabouwalu is 2000 with expectation for it to increase once the town is constructed.