The Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports Mr. Rovereto Nayacalevu officially opened the National Amateur Boxing Championships held at the CDR Stan Brown Boxing Gym, Walu Bay in Suva last Saturday (25.02.23).

PS Nayacalevu said the Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports would like to continue working with the National Sports Commission and Fiji Amateur Boxing Association in taking Fiji Amateur boxing back to its glory days where we stood tall as a boxing region.

“Boxing was a popular sport in Fiji in the past but had lost its momentum along the way,” he said.

He also announced that the International Boxing Association (IBA) had appointed Mr.Seru Whippy as Referee and Judge for the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championship in New Delhi, India from March 14th-26th, 2023.

“Australia has been home to Mr. Whippy and family for the last 20 years; however, he remains registered with FABA under IBA with the rest of our officials and boxers,“ PS Nayacalevu said.

He further said that he does not need to convince the audience of the many merit of the sport of boxing, saying that not only is it perhaps the best sport to develop overall fitness, but it also one that instills such valuable qualities of character in those undertake it such as tactical awareness, endurance, discipline and self-control.

He also urged the boxers to continue supporting the sport and assisting those who are helping it to expand.

The Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports said that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is ready to render assistance to the great work being carried out by the participants and stakeholders.

He wishes Fiji Amateur Boxing and the boxers the best and hopes to win gold medals at the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands this year.

He also acknowledged the effort of the organisers who, like many other organisers and promoters, are trying their best to revive the sport in our country.

He also thanked the work being done by the Boxing Commission of Fiji in leading the revival of professional boxing in the country after a long period where there was very little activity.

“I ask you to support the commission as they work with the stakeholders to ensure quality and safe boxing bouts take place around the country.”