Prime Minister Hon. Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka was, this morning, officially welcomed with a traditional ceremony at the Parliament complex in Suva.

Performed by the Parliament of Fiji staff, the welcome was also the Prime Minister’s first official visit to meet staff and tour the complex in his capacity as Head of Government.

In his address, Prime Minister Rabuka thanked the staff for the dedication they have shown while carrying out their duties in the august house.

“I'd like to thank you this morning for the great honor. Thank you, Secretary General and your staff and the Honorable Speaker of the House.”

“I especially thank you for conducting the election of the Prime Minister for the first time in the history of this country on the floor of its parliament. You can imagine the trepidations we felt. For me, it was a defining moment in how I would continue to serve this country,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister further urged the parliamentary staff to familiarise themselves with the document on parliamentary procedures by Thomas Erskine May, the British constitutional theorist, and Clerk of the House of Commons.

"It is full of wisdom, it's full of information, it's full of historical data and teachings about the conduct of Parliament having their roots in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It has been adopted and adapted by many, many countries in the world and urged all of you and all of us in Parliament to be familiar with that great document on the conduct of the affairs of the legislation of nations in the world.”

Elaborating further Prime Minister Rabuka said the problems of the world have been compounded by the various factors that have affected the social, political, networking, and sociopolitical compositions of the world we live in global, regional, and national.

“The affairs of the nation in its legislation will be determined, will be debated, and will be passed as law in the Parliamentary Chambers and I can only call for you to continue what you have been doing. You've earned your positions here. Please be worthy of those that picked you to be here.”

“Live up to the expectations of this land and its people as you perform your duties in these offices and chambers.”

“I will lead, confident that those of you behind me, whether in Parliament or Cabinet or the Civil Service or in the private sector, we’re all going together for the betterment of this land and its people.”