Students, teachers, parents, guardians, and school management have been acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts (MEHA) for the resilience they have displayed so far, as well as the support they have shown towards the reopening of schools for Years 12 and 13 from November 1, 2021. 
As a result of COVID-19, it is imperative that the Ministry continuously revisits the School Plan to ensure a safe school environment for teachers, students and ancillary staff.  
The School Plan is being revised based on new scientific evidence, the current rollout of face to face teaching and learning for Years 12 and 13, the student vaccination programme, and the sound advice and guidance provided by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).   
The Ministry is announcing the revised plan for school holidays, reopening of schools for Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Year 11, and new examination dates for Years 12 and 13. These are as follows:
A.            School holidays for teachers and students
●             All teachers and students will go on break for 2 weeks starting from 20 December, 2021 until 3 January, 2022.
●             The last day of reporting to school for all teachers will be Friday, 17 December, 2021 while the first day of reporting to school after the break for all teachers is Tuesday, 4 January, 2022.
●             The last day of remote teaching and learning for ECE to Year 11 students will be Friday, 10 December, 2021, however, teachers will continue reporting to school until Friday, 17 December, 2021 to mark worksheets, assist in the school vaccination programme and prepare for 2022.
●             During this break, Years 12 and 13, will be given revision activities to prepare for their external examinations.
B.            Revised Examination Date for Years 12 & 13
The Ministry has taken into consideration the requests from the students for more time to prepare for their external examination. In view of this, an additional two weeks will be given to Year 13 and an additional 3 weeks to Year 12 students. The following should be noted:
●             The Year 13 examination will be held from 1 to 11 February, 2022 and results are expected to be released on 17 March, 2022.
●             The Year 12 examination will be held from 7 to 17 February, 2022 and results are expected to be released on 6 April, 2022. 
Based on best practices adopted by many countries, the syllabus was re-aligned this year to reduce the burden on our students.
C.            Reopening of Schools for ECE to Year 11
The decision to start face to face classes for Years 8 to 11 is based on the vaccination of our students who are 12 years and above. The staggered approach to re-opening of schools is being recommended as a cautious approach before all students enter schools for face to face learning. The Ministry’s priority has always been the safety and security of students, teachers and ancillary staff. The following should be noted:
●             Schools will resume for face to face classes for Years 8 – 11 on the same date as for Years 12 and 13, which is Tuesday, 4 January, 2022.
●             The remote teaching and learning for ECE – Year 7 will resume from Tuesday, 4 January, 2022.
While vaccination is not mandatory, the Ministry is encouraging all parents of eligible students to get them vaccinated for their safety and for the safety of others.
Minister for Education, Premila Kumar said that the Year 2021 has been an extraordinary year for all Fijians and the Ministry understands that it is important for our teachers and students to take a break during this festive season.
“After the break, when Years 12 and 13 return to school on 4 January, they will resume their revisions and preparation for the exams as they will have additional time to do so,” added Minister Kumar.
Heads of schools and primary school teachers have been trained on the Safe Reopening of Schools Protocol.  Primary school teachers are required to prepare their schools for reopening and MHMS will conduct an inspection before schools close on Friday, 17 December 2021, to ensure compliance with COVID-safe protocols.
Schools were advised last month (October) to begin provisional enrolment for ECE, Year 1 and Year 9 for the new school year. Confirmation of places will be completed in February, 2022, giving ample time for parents/guardians to do their school shopping.
The Minister has also encouraged parents and guardians to look after their children during the school break, and to keep them safe from potential freak accidents and abuse.