With a vision to have a vibrant youth sector in the near future, the Ministry of Youth and Sports have assisted a total of 834 youth this week through its Youth Farm Initiative Programme.

While officiating at the handover of the Youth Farm Initiative Programme which was held at Sanasana village in Nadroga on Monday, the Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Kumar Bala said this is to also help enable youth contribute to the economy, reduce poverty and equalise living standards.

“A number of innovative Government initiatives and projects are already in place that are making considerable progress for youth in Agriculture, and my Ministry’s Youth Farm Initiative Programme is one of them,” Minister Bala said.

He also presented certificates to youth participants who have completed the ministry’s Mobile Skills Training on Organic Agriculture, saying major emphasis is placed on encouraging young Fijian farmers to take up farming as a profession by showing them that it can offer solid career prospects.

“Organic farming works in harmony with nature rather than against it,” Minister Bala said. “And involves techniques to achieve good crop yields without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it.”

He said this type of farming is a natural farming system without the use of any man-made chemicals that may harm the environment.

He added that the training is an example of Government’s investment in improving food security.

The Minister for Youth and Sports was also in Navutu Village in Nadroga earlier this week for a similar programme, and stated that agriculture based on organic principles has now been recognised as an important aspect of overcoming poverty and enhancing food security in developing countries.