The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts continues to make available supplementary learning resources for students while schools nationwide remain closed until further notice.
The Ministry, after consultation with Heads of Schools in all four Divisions, has decided to make arrangements to continue providing students with learning resources.
From Monday 28 June 2021, teachers may access school resources to prepare Weekly Home Study Packages for their students based on their classroom coverage. Those who have resources available at home, may continue to work from home. The Weekly Home Study Packages will contain relevant learning materials including activity sheets for students in Years 1 to 13.
Teachers are encouraged to use existing communication platforms to send these learning materials to their students. Parents are advised to assist their children in accessing the Weekly Home Study Packages and those that do not have access to these platforms are advised to liaise with their Heads of School and teachers for alternative arrangements.
Parents who do not have access to online communication platforms, may collect printed Weekly Home Study Packages from schools from Monday 5 July 2021. The completed activities must be returned before the next batch is accessed. This will enable students to receive feedback from their teachers and arrangements for collection should be made with their Heads of Schools following all COVID-19 safety protocols. A circular in this regard has already been sent to all schools nationwide.
A number of teachers have continued to assist their students through various platforms, such as recorded video lessons, live teaching through social media and worksheets disseminated through online communication platforms. We understand a few teachers do not have resources available at home to prepare educational materials for their students, therefore, they may access school-based resources from Monday 28 June.
It is mandatory for all Heads of School and teachers to follow the COVID-19 Safety Protocols when accessing school-based resources. Interested teachers are advised to contact their Heads of School to create small bubbles that fall within the COVID-19 Safety Protocols.
The Ministry strongly urges parents to look after their children and use this time to fully engage in their learning. Parents should ensure that children spend adequate time in their schoolwork and other forms of informal learning.
Students should continue learning from home and remain indoors for their own safety and well-being. We encourage all Fijians to take heed of the directives from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services as we need to stand stronger as fellow Fijians and practice all COVID-19 Safety Protocols so that we remain safe and protected.