The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts (MEHA) will continue to provide students with additional learning resources to keep them engaged during the school closure.
Students who do not have access to these learning resources, should continue to revise lesson notes provided by their teachers in Term 1.
The worksheets will continue to be uploaded on the Ministry’s website to keep children engaged. 
Parents can assist students in downloading the worksheets and students can write down the answers in their exercise books, similar to answering questions from a textbook. It is not necessary to print out the worksheets.
Students and parents are reminded that if they cannot access the worksheets on the website, they should engage in other forms of learning. Students will not be penalised, as these worksheets are not compulsory, but an initiative to keep children occupied.
Heads of Schools have been asked to use appropriate communications platforms to disseminate additional learning resources to their students.
Students and parents can access the additional supplementary worksheets, located on the MEHA Google Share Drive through the Ministry website, or directly at
Supplementary educational materials also air weekdays on FBC’s Radio Fiji 1 and Radio Fiji 2, and the Education Channel 9 on the Walesi Platform.
The new animated series “Bula Kids”, developed with UNICEF, will air on FBC TV and the Walesi Platform from Monday 31 May, 2021.
All schools nationwide are scheduled to re-open on 21 June 2021, subject to clearance from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.