About 162,300 litres of water was distributed by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management teams in Vatulele and Yasawa on Wednesday.
This includes the Vatulele District School, the health centre on the island and to water tanks at Ekubu Village and Ratu Naivalu Primary School in Yasawa.
The team travelling on the MV Vatulawa distributed 95,500 litres of water to Vatulele before returning to Suva on Wednesday. The team resumed their water cartage exercise today after leaving Suva yesterday with 110,000 litres of water to cater for two villages.
The team onboard the MV Vunilagi distributing water to villages in Yasawa were in Ratu Naivalu Primary School on Wednesday where they were able to cart 66,800 litres of water.
Ratu Naivalu Primary School head teacher Mr. Josevata Kanabicibici said since June the school had been running out of stored water as a result of the prolonged dry weather.
“Water problem here at the school depends solely on the weather,” Mr Kanabicibici said.
“This year since June we have been experiencing water shortage. We only get water when it rains or when the Government vessel carts water to our villages and schools.”
“But today we are thankful to Government for thinking of us and hearing our cries for water. With this assistance, we will be able to continue properly with classes.”
Meanwhile, the Ministry’s team onboard the MV Vunilagi had halted water cartage exercise and the operation of the desalination plant due to adverse weather.
The team returned to Lautoka yesterday to drop passengers as the MV Vunilagi’s current trip is under the franchise arrangement. They are expected to refill water before returning to resume water cartage operation to other affected areas in Yasawa.