Medical tourism


Medical Tourism is a niche market that Tourism Fiji would like to pursue. It is also an emerging niche market for the future, but investment is needed in partnership with an “international Brand likes of “Appollo” that will attract markets that had been inaccessible for Destination Fiji, says Tourism Fiji chairman, Patrick Wong.

Highlighting medical tourism would be a boost in developing the tourism industry, Mr Wong said Tourism investment into certain market segments require a high standard of medical facilities.

“ It also compliments our existing markets segments and our largest, the Family market segment, the Silver and Grey market(senior) and of cause sports tourism assuring that our medical facilities are adequacy,” Mr Wong added.

In that regard, Mr Wong said it is vital for the industry to provide adequacy medical facilities to meet the demand of visitors into our shores.

Considered as an emerging markets, Mr Wong added that it needs developing and investment which will open up doors to retirement villages, cosmetic surgery, specialized health institutions and farms.