The Ministry of Economy’s Climate Change Division has initiated awareness workshops on Fiji's National Adaptation Plan (NAP), with the first recently hosted in Lautoka and attended by representatives from Fijian Government departments, municipal councils and NGOs.
“In order for Fiji’s NAP process to be successful, we recognise that we must build strong partnerships across government ministries and departments, and with civil society, donors, regional bodies, scientists, communities and the private sector,” said Mr. Nilesh Prakash, the division’s Head of Climate Change and International Cooperation.

The NAP contains 160 prioritised activities covering food and nutrition, health, human settlements, infrastructure, biodiversity and the natural environment, to help stakeholders plan medium to long-term plans to adapt to climate change.

“The purpose of the awareness workshop is to inform key stakeholders from Government, civil society and the private sector about the status of Fiji’s NAP process and to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the country’s climate change adaptation process in the Western Division, and understand the important role that sub-national actors play in the implementation of adaptation actions,” Mr Prakash said.

Aside from interactive discussions of what respective Ministries and agencies could do to address climate change challenges, the workshop has also been designed to capitalize on local knowledge and foster dialogue among participants experienced in wide-ranging sectors.
This first NAP awareness workshop was opened by Commissioner Western, Jioji Satakala, who noted its necessity in the region.
“This is well justified as the Western Division is one of the most vulnerable regions of the country due to extreme weather events that continually puts our people, infrastructure and economy under pressure all year around," he said.
Fiji’s National Adaptation Plan was launched in December, 2018.