The National Disaster Management Office has issued 57 letters of certification for individuals and organisations raising funds and collecting items for Fijians affected by Tropical Cyclone Yasa.
The certification process was established last week to assist the NDMO and the Divisional Commissioners in the North and East better coordinate the equitable distribution of relief items in affected communities and villages.
The NDMO team is working to ensure the timely processing of the applications. To date, the following individuals and organisations have been certified to raise funds and collect items:
  Name Activity Type
1 Makereta Bolawai Door to door
2 Aspire Network Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
3 Epeli Tagivetaua Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
4 Sharon Bhagwan Rolls on behalf of the Shifting the Power Coalition Assess assistance required by diverse women and their families for an online appeal.
5 Arif Khan Donation from partners, employees
6 Navi Bola Overseas Donations
7 Marist Old Boys Association Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
8 Wendy Burdekin Personal requests via friends
9 Make A Difference Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
10 Aryan’s Group Group contribution
11 Rusila Volatabu Door to door
12 Sailosi Turaga Nakelekelevesi Go Fund Me, Public Appeal and Door to door
13 Mahakal Janseva Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
14 Ema Solokuva Door to door
15 Fiji Youth SRHR Alliance Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
16 Build Fiji Nikua Tshirt sales
17 Fiji Aeromedical & Rescue Services Trust t/a LifeFlight Fiji Strategic/ Global/ Web based Fundraising through donors & international support
18 Mokani Rugby Club Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
19 Ignite4Change Door to door
20 AnnMary Vikatoria Raduva Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
21 Sea Mercy (Fiji) Superyacht Donations
22 Anjani Deo Raffle
23 Apostles Fellowship International Donations locally and overseas
24 Kiran Khatri Donations from offshore donors
25 YachtAid Global Donations from web based global links
26 AWQAF Fiji Donations from donor agencies and private sector contributions
27 Solesolevaki Wellness Women's Enterprise Pte Ltd. Collections of used clothing and kitchen utensils
28 Laisiasa Saukuru Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
29 Avichal Kumar Door to Door Distribution Of Pillows & Mattresses
30 Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratindhi Sabha Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
31 Fiji Bharjan Lovers Stress Free Door to door
32 Dhoom Dhamaka Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
33 Katalyst Foundation Charitable Trust Local and offshore donations – in cash & in kind
34 Omega Global Caring Ministry Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
35 Verata Disaster Relief Committee Door to door
36 Being Helping Hands Fiji Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
37 Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
38 Voice of Needy Foundation Social Media appeal
39 Shiri Sanatan Dharam Rayaman Mandali Door to door
40 Tavua Duavata Crime Prevention Committee Door to door
41 Lakshmi Narayan Temple & Sai Prema Foundation Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
42 Citizens Constitutional Forum Donor funding for humanitarian assistance
43 Caritas Archdiocese of Suva Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
44 Telecom (Fiji) Pte Limited Staff in-house collection
45 Telecom (Fiji) Pte Limited Staff in-house collection
46 Telecom (Fiji) Pte Limited Staff in-house collection
47 Oldies Goldies Karaoke and DJ Team Concert at Khastriya Hall
48 Ranjit Raju Go Fund Me, Mpaisa and Word of Mouth
49 Omega Global Caring Ministry Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
50 Nadroga/Navosa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
51 Peni Natau Collection of clothes and funds from within Fiji and family members living abroad (New Zealand and Australia)
52 Neomai Ravoka Prayer Breakfast/Go Fund Me
53 Nakorovou Will Rise Social Club Raffle
54 Laxmi Narayan Temple Suva Donations
55 Methodist Church in Fiji Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
56 Sai Prema Foundation Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)
57 Fiji Sevashram Sangha Public appeal [Concerts/Radio/TV)

Organisations or groups currently or intending to fundraise and or collect items are requested to please register their intent with the NDMO.  The NDMO has established a page for registration purposes, and this can be accessed at www.ndmo.gov.fj

Registration forms are also available at the offices of Divisional Commissioners.  A letter will be sent by the NDMO team upon completion of verification and registration.  The organisers are to display the letter in any notices for fundraising and collection.
Any further queries on this can be directed to the email address ndmofiji.media@gmail.com