The burden of carrying farm produce, the sick, and the challenges of crossing the Wainimala river countless times, just to access transportation on the main road will soon be a thing of the past for the people of Tikina Noemalu, in the province of Naitasiri.

This, is due to the construction of a new access road by the Fijian Government.

During a recent visit to the construction site, Minister for Infrastructure and Meteorological Services, Jone Usamate, said the works that are being carried out are all part of the Government's belief that no one should be left behind.

“Government received numerous requests from villagers of Tubarua, Nasauvere and Matawailevu village to provide a preliminary alignment and concept design for a proposed new access road to their villages,” said the Minister.

“This new road extends from the existing road at Korovou village, which is the last village connected with the FRA rural road network and will connect three villages upriver and will cover a total of 9.28 kilometres.”

The Minister, however, said that road construction in hilly terrain is risky and challenging as it deals with proper survey and investigation for alignment, formation, subbase, materials, equipment, subgrade layers, curve decisions, and the need selection of correct equipment, as and when necessary during construction considering the tangible and intangible aspects to optimise the benefits within the limited availability of resources.

Minister Usamate further said that the development work is all part of the Government's commitment to bring accessibility to roads for all the communities around the country.

The road will serve approximately 80-100 households and is a major infrastructure development that will aid in transporting produce to the market and provide ease of access to medical and other basic needs.

The estimated cost of improvement works is $284,206.56, with the project scheduled for a duration period of 4 months.