The Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Osea Cawaru received a courtesy visit from an Australian labour hiring employer, Whales Regional Workforce (WRW) under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) yesterday.

WRW is a new Approved Employer (AE) and the first PLS employer to visit our shores and to recruit Fijians in 2022.

Mr Cawaru, on behalf of the Fijian Government, thanked the employer for their commitment and for opting to recruit Fijians this new year for employment opportunities in Australia.

"The new employer is here in Fiji to interview NEC registered clients and to recruit 65 Fijians to work in the meat industry in Victoria, Australia,” said Mr Cawaru.

The WRW team commended the good turn-out during the interview and the commitment of the Fijian Government, through the Employment Ministry, for the well-coordinated administrative work and COVID-safe protocols implemented during the interviewing of potential candidates.

Mr Cawaru emphasised that it is evident that Fijians looked forward to this great opportunity since most of them were affected by the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I am honoured and grateful for your commitment to visit Fiji following the reopening of our borders last month and to recruit from Fiji, including the commitment to share future plans to recruit another 200 Fijians this year. Also, we have confidence that this relationship will continue in years ahead as we jointly facilitate the need of both the Australian and Fijian Governments under the labour mobility schemes,” said PS Employment.

The Permanent Secretary for Employment wishes to advise and remind potential Fijian workers to strictly observe the COVID-19 safety protocols and minimise social gatherings as they await mobilisation, and to avoid any disruptions as they prepare for their departure once selected.

Furthermore, Mr Cawaru reminded all interested Fijians for overseas employment opportunities to be fully vaccinated before they visit any NEC office for registration.