The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is advising the general public to be prepared and take heed of the heavy rain warning that has been issued for most parts of the country.
People living in low lying areas are to exercise caution as heavy rain continues. Parents are advised to monitor the whereabouts of their children at all times and to keep them away from flooded drains or waterways.
The general public is also advised to refrain from crossing flooded roads and footpaths.
Families are urged to prepare accordingly should the need to evacuate arise.
The NDMO is urging motorists to take extra precaution and adjust travelling plans as heavy rain is expected to continue.
Members of the public can contact the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) by phone on 5720 for more information on the road status in the country.
Energy Fiji Limited (EFL) can also be contacted by phone on 132 333 or 913 for enquiries.
The public is also advised to continually monitor weather bulletins and forecasts on the radio or on the Fiji Meteorological Services Website at and to listen to the radio for further updates.