Today marks the beginning of the 2021 school year, and I take great pleasure in welcoming to school the 13 099 teachers and 195 883 students from all over Fiji.
This year, 5 794 young Fijians will begin their formal learning journey enrolling for the first time at an Early Childhood Education Centre and 7,159 will exit the education system at the end of the final term, having completed 13 years of formal learning.  
As parents, teachers and members of the respective school management, let us stand ready to listen to each other’s perspectives, learn from each other’s experiences and appreciate constructive views that help develop and mould the character of our young citizens, the future leaders of our great nation.
No matter where they live or what their economic status is, every Fijian child deserves equal access to quality teaching.
As teachers, let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting the educational excellence of our students and the future prosperity of our great nation.
Even as we continue to rebuild in the wake of TC Yasa and the ongoing health crisis, it is my hope that together we can find common ground on effective efforts to sustainably improve learning outcomes for our students. In collaboration with our donor partners we have assisted more than 6000 students in the TC Yasa affected areas with school supplies. We will continue to provide school supplies and psychosocial support to students affected by TC Yasa and COVID-19 across Fiji.
I commend the teachers, parents and school management of our great nation and I call on all citizens here and abroad, the media and all our educational stakeholders to join my Ministry in promoting our targeted efforts toward quality and equitable education for our children.
As one nation, let us continue to strive for a future where all our children can access quality education and achieve educational excellence in the learning areas of their choice.
I wish all students and their parents, all schools and their teachers and respective school management a healthy, productive and excellent educational school year.
Hon. Rosy Sofia Akbar
Minister for Education, Heritage & Arts