The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that the two government boarding schools, RKS and QVS which have been undergoing renovation works will be ready to accommodate the students on January 13th. The nation is aware of the tragic fire late last year which razed Degei House, one of the four hostel units housing the RKS boarders, to the ground. The Ministry of Education is working with all stakeholders to rebuild the school dormitories and improve the overall infrastructure of the school.
The above renovation is funded by savings from RKS Free Education Grant and hostel grant. Sincere appreciation to the Parents and Old Scholars for all the assistance they have provided to the schools so far and the communal solidarity shown during the time of crisis.
The current hostel is being built on an old existing structure while the engineers are working on establishing the strength of the remaining burnt building.
The renovation of the three dormitories housing the students from the previously burned Degei House is nearing completion. This should resolve the boarding need at the school. The school has been reduced to almost 800 students to avoid overcrowding and strain on resources. 
For QVS, a state of the art, three storey building is nearing completion. This will house additional rooms after the devastation left behind by TC Winston. The rooms will cater for three streams of Year 12, three streams of Year 13, a staff room and gym.
A new hostel project for QVS will be funded by the Indonesian government, for which the construction work may be expected to be completed within this year depending on resource availability and favorable weather conditions.
A final inspection will be carried out at RKS on Sunday to ensure we are prepared to receive the students on Monday 13 January for the new school year.
The Ministry is committed to ensuring that an amicable learning environment is created to support learning and teaching in our schools.