The Ministry for Education, Heritage and Arts wishes to inform all Parents and Guardians that supplementary resources for students during the extended school closure can be collected from respective schools from today, May 04.

Parents and Guardians are urged to liaise with their Heads of Schools and follow the scheduled timetables to avoid overcrowding at schools and dissemination centres. 
Heads of schools are encouraged to work in consultation with their Divisional and District Education Offices and under strict adherence to the Covid-19 Health and safety guidelines.
Schools which are used as isolation or evacuation centres will advise Parents and Guardians of the pick- up points using texts, emails, village heads or any other mode of communication most suitable as per geographical location.
Minister for Education Hon. Rosy Akbar urges parents to work patiently and very closely with the heads of those schools which have been totally devastated by TC Harold and continue engaging their children in all other non-formal learning setups.
Parents are once again reminded that these new set of resources are supplementary and non-examinable thus if you have not been able to access them, you may continue to encourage reading of various varieties from a wide range of sources.
Heads of schools are strongly advised to comply with all the Health and Safety regulations in place and ensure that there is no overcrowding, social distancing is maintained and hand sanitizers are readily available.
The Ministry thanks Divisional and District Education Officers, Turaga-ni-Koros, Heads of Schools, School Managers, Teachers, Administrative Staff, Parents, Guardians, Community supporters and all other stakeholders who have supported the Ministry during these trying times.
Together we have been able to make equitable education accessible to every Fijian regardless of the challengers faced.