State benefits dual citizenship


The Immigration Department has confirmed receiving about 1054 citizenship applications for the period of July in 2009 to 31st of July 2010.

Of that total,  857 applicants were granted dual citizenship status in Fiji.

The attainment of dual citizenship is covered under the Citizenship Decree which came into force on 10th April 2009.

This allows for any child, spouse and former Fiji citizen to apply for citizenship by registration.

It also allows foreigners, who are working, investing or residing in Fiji for the last ten years, to apply for Fiji citizenship by naturalization.

Government introduced the concept to allow those that might have left the country to return and re-invest in the country.

The decree has generated much interest amongst former Fiji citizens living abroad.

It has also opened up new opportunities for persons falling into the qualifying categories to return either as retirees or investors.

Additionally, it enables their family members and children to visit and get to know their motherland.

A lot of those that have been granted Fiji citizenship under the new Citizenship Decree have invested in property, farming and tourism development.