The Tebara Festival in Nausori came to a spectacular close today, marking the end of a week filled with cultural vibrancy and community spirit. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Honorable Professor Biman Prasad, presided over the festival's final day, delivering an inspiring address that celebrated unity and tradition.
During his speech, Minister Prasad extended his warm greetings to the esteemed guests present, including the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Hon Maciu Nalumisa, Chief Financial Officer of Vodafone, Mr. Salman Khan, and the Chairman of the festival committee, Mr. Uma Kant Patel.
The Minister also acknowledged the contestants who had competed throughout the weeklong festival for the coveted Tebara crown.
Minister Prasad commended the contestants for their dedication, knowledge, and advocacy for a clean environment highlighting their role in unifying the community through their talents and wisdom.
The festival's venue, Syria Park, was noted for its historical significance, serving as a reminder of the Syria jihad and the bravery of villagers who provided shelter to ancestors during that challenging period. This history, Minister Prasad said, symbolizes reconciliation and unity among communities.
Hon. Prasad said, 'I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the festival committee and all the individuals who have worked tirelessly to make this event a reality.' He recognized that festivals like Tebara, he said, 'not only bring joy but also raise funds for the betterment of the local community.'"
The Deputy Prime Minister underlined the Fijian government's commitment to collaborating with grassroots organizations and festival committees. He highlighted recent steps towards reconciliation, including making Girmit Day a national holiday and establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
“The government’s goal is to empower communities and give citizens a voice in local decision-making, especially during the upcoming local government elections, and in this instance, the Tebara Festival is praised for its efforts to promote diversity and unity among people from various backgrounds.”
Honorable Minister Prasad congratulated the festival committee and all involved in organizing the event, recognizing the challenges they had overcome and their unwavering dedication. He reminded the audience that the festival's significance extended beyond crowning a winner; it was about strengthening camaraderie, unity, and the exchange of knowledge and wisdom within the Nausori community.
Ms. Photogenic:     
Ms. Taras Supermarket               -           Vaseva Rabo
Ms. Social Media:  
Ms. Nausori Plaza                          -           Ana Lule Raogo
Best Dress:              
Ms. Nausori Town Council          -           Ana Lule Raogo
Best Sarong:                       
Ms. Nausori Town Council          -           Ana Lule Raogo
Best Personality:  
Ms. Taras Supermarket               -           Vasenai Rabo
Best Talent:            
Ms. Taras Supermarket               -           Vasenai Raboc
Best Research Topic:       
Ms. Pak N Save Supermarket    -           Faaizah Shahina
Best Traditional Attire:
Ms Tara Supermarket                  -           Vaseva Rabo
2nd Runner Up:     
Ms. Pak N Save Supermarket    -           Faaizah Shahina
1st Runner Up:      
Ms. Nausori Town Council          -           Ana Lule Raogo
Ms. Charity:                       
Ms. Taras Supermarket               -           Vaseva Rabo
Ms. Vodafone Tebara 2023 Carnival Queen:
Ms. Taras Supermarket               -           Vaseva Rabo