An investment amounting to about $15,000 and benefiting eleven households was officially handed over by the Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Hon. Sakiasi Ditoka on Friday (20/01/23) at Togoru in Navua.

Developed in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP through the risk development phase, the Togoru-Taiperia Water project is the first of its kind in the area.
The project provides a positive impact on the daily lives of individuals, including vulnerable groups such as women, children, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities.

“We all know that water is a necessity for life. Access to clean and safe water is one of the sustainable development goals that Government is committed to achieving for our people,” said the Minister.

“Your government is bringing you a new standard of infrastructure that will address your community request needs in accessing more consistent, clean, and safe drinking water, which has been an issue in the past.”

“The facility handed over today may be a small investment but will help members of the community in normal times and during times of disaster. I urge you to look after it well,” he said.

“It would be remiss of me, not to mention the work of the former government, and we thank them for what they've managed to do,” the Minister further added.

According to the District Advisory Councillor for the Togoru Back-Road Communities Ms. Theresa Jacqueline Wise, the issues Togoru faces are not new.

“Our young ones don't want to live here anymore. They are moving away to places that have running water and power and where climate change is not threatening to claim their homes.”

Minister Ditoka assured the Togoru-Taiperia residents that Government will work with them to address issues they have raised.

The completed water project involved the construction of a water tank shed, tank basis guttering, and piping system for the rainwater harvesting sites.