The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts strongly reminds all students to refrain from unruly behaviour inside or outside of school. A recent brawl between students of a school in Nadi is being shared on social media.

The Ministry reminds parents and citizens to take a more active role in preventing such display of violence in or out of school.

The line Minister, Hon. Rosy Akbar says, “Indiscipline should not only be a concern for parents and teachers, I urge the public to be more conscious of the messages being sent when such videos are shared on a public platform. An investigation will be carried out and the students involved will be taken to task. We will not tolerate any form of indiscipline”.

The Ministry continues to monitor student discipline during school hours, and works closely with the Fiji Police Force in managing student behaviour. Parents need to be more vigilant and ensure that effective communication takes place at home to reduce and control such incidents.

Hon. Minister Akbar says, “Any student found engaging in any action that breaches the Student Code of Conduct whether on or off the school compound will be met with strict punishments as per the Student Behaviour Management Policy. We will not tolerate any form of indiscipline and I strongly remind all students to adhere to the discipline policies and guidelines”.

Students displaying violence and engaging in fights in school uniform will be suspended from the school, there is zero tolerance on violence.

Parents and guardians are urged to ensure that they communicate with their children and are aware of what happens inside and outside of school.