Year 8 students of Vunidawa District School in Naitasiri had the privilege of meeting His Excellency, the President, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere at the State House today (01/09/22).

President Katonivere encouraged and challenged the students to work hard in their pursuit of education and their talents of formal and informal learning. He also encouraged the students to sow the seeds of dedication and sacrifice in activities that will carry them to a bright future, either through sports, agriculture or any other field that they want to pursue.

Head Teacher, Mr Malakai Vucago said the students had left Vunidawa at 5am for their educational tour to the Parliament House and the State House amongst other places that they visited today. Today’s tour was an eye-opener for the students as most of what they had experienced today was part of their Social Studies curriculum.

“Today’s trip to the State House is a rare opportunity for us. President Katonivere’s message of encouragement to the students will be a constant reminder to them of the importance of education. For some of our students, this is the first time for them to see the Grand Pacific Hotel, the Albert Park and especially the Parliament House, some of the country’s historic sites,” he said.