Youth members should lead the way in community development with the assistance of the Ministry of Youth.
This was highlighted by the Minister for Employment, Productivity, Industrial Relations, Youth and Sports Hon Parveen Bala Kumar while handing over farming equipment to the Nacilau Youth in Lautoka today.

Minister Kumar stated that the Ministry looks forward to continuing with planting seeds of success among youth groups.

“I am confident that your progress will advance in time. Today’s event and achievement is a partnership between my Ministry, your village community and your youth club.

“That means that your success means we all succeed collectively.”

The Minister encouraged the youth members to have a positive outlook and not be disheartened by the current pandemic.

“The key here is not to panic in this pandemic. What we need is to continue to move ahead and rethink how we do things.

The Minister also acknowledged the landowners for providing the land to the youth group so they would be able to utilise it.

“I would like to acknowledge the landowners that have agreed to allocate land for the Nacilau youth group.
“I appreciate your immense generosity and contribution to rebuilding the social and economic well-being of your communities and ultimately the country at large.”

The youth group which consists of more than 40 members received fencing materials, farming equipment along with seedlings.