In the quest to improve the quality of care provided to the disabled persons in Fiji, the Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons is currently looking at developing a residential care home for those disabled persons who are in need of shelter and proper care.

The Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons Executive Director Dr Sitiveni Yanuyanutawa said that the construction of a residential home is one of the much needed facilities for disabled persons in Fiji.

“We are looking at the residential home, we have already come up with concept paper and we are also putting it up for cabinet so hopefully when we look at the challenges faced by the persons with disability we try to get a roof over their head and it’s a big plus for the people living with disabilities in Fiji,” Dr Yanuyanutawa said.

Apart from looking at the residential services, the FNCDP is also actively working with the Ministry of Social Welfare and other relevant stakeholders to address the issue of violence and discrimination against women and children living with disabilities.

“FNCDP is grateful to be on the EVAW (Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children) Taskforce that is working collaboratively with Ministry of Social Welfare, Non-Government Organisations and UN Women to devise an effective framework to stop violence and abuse committed not only against the mainstream community but also against the persons with disabilities.

“Disabled persons, most of them are disadvantaged and through the EVAW Taskforce we are adamant on looking at ways to address the issue of violence. We are also working on gathering updated and consolidated data, information to put together a solid context,” he said.

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation permanent secretary Dr Josefa Koroivueta said that the recent review of the FNCDP Act 1994 and the completion of the draft Decree on Disability will streamline the legislative framework promoting the rights and interests of persons living with disabilities in Fiji.

“This legislative framework captures on the needs and aspirations of the persons living with disabilities and it also empowers the Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons to conduct proper monitoring and evaluation process to mainstream disability into Fiji’s development processes. It will give persons with disability more powers to exercise their rights to live dignified and productive lives,” Dr Koroivueta added.