The Director General and Chairperson of Caregivers
Services Professional Institute (CSPI), Mrs. Ilisapeci
The Institute’s Board of Directors, 
The Regional Minister CMFI Western Region and Senior
Pastor of the Westfield Harvest Church, Rev. Josefa
Faculty Staff,
Senior Government Officials,
Representatives of Aspen Lautoka,
Families and friends,
Ladies and gentlemen.
Cola vina and greetings.
Before I proceed, I pay tribute to the traditional custodians of these lands where we now stand. 
Na Vanua o Namoli, delaniyavu i Vidilo, na Viyagwane na Taukei Vidilo;
Na Vanua o Vitogo, Were Levu i Sukanacagi, na Viyagwane na Jui Vitogo.
Their leaders – past, present and emerging.
My sincere appreciation to the Caregivers Services Professional Institute (CSPI) for the kind invitation. I am humbled to be part of this graduation ceremony today.
Today marks a special day for you all as you celebrate your accomplishment made possible through commitment with many sacrifices during months of in-depth caregiving training.
We commend that this Institute has been registered and also recognised by the Ministry of Education and has attained full recognition by the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) after satisfactorily meeting all the necessary requirements.
It is possibly the leading institution specialized in the provision of care-giving training services based on a United States care-giving training programme to people who are interested in becoming professional elderly caregivers.
Over the years, the demand for Caregivers has increased rapidly in Fiji and abroad in the employment sector and this job has encouraged others like you to go through formal training in this sector today. 
Ladies and gentlemen, today as the global population ages, the urgent need for care and support for older adults is growing at an unprecedented rate.
This trend is not limited to one country or region – it has become a global phenomenon.
Caregiving services or what is now called the ‘adult care economy encompasses a wide range of services which includes healthcare, home care, assisted living, and more.
Ladies and Gentlemen, a caregiver or carer, is an important person who provides assistance based on the physical, psychological, or developmental needs.
To our caregivers, you have chosen a noble path, one that demands not only skill and expertise but also boundless empathy and unwavering commitment.
You have embraced the responsibility of caring for others during their most vulnerable moments, providing comfort, dignity, and support with every act of kindness.
Throughout your training, you have honed your skills, expanded your knowledge, and cultivated the values that define exceptional caregiving. 
But beyond the technical aspects of your training, you have encompassed the essence of caregiving – the profound human connection that surpasses words and actions.
In a world that often seems divided, the work of caregivers reminds us of our shared humanity. Regardless of race, religion, or background, the need for compassion knows no boundaries. 
Each day, you demonstrate the power of empathy to bridge differences and unite us in a common purpose – the care and wellbeing of our fellow human beings.
We also acknowledge that there is a standing Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute and the Ministry of Health – a collaboration which grants caregivers an opportunity to practice at various facilities or government hospitals.
As you embark on this next chapter of your journey, remember the profound impact you have the power to make in the lives of others. Your presence, your kindness, and your compassion are not just gestures – they are beacons of hope and sources of strength for those in need.
As you step forward into the world as fully-fledged caregivers, carry with you the lessons you have learned, the values you hold dear, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of care. 
You must know that wherever your path may lead, you carry with you the gratitude and admiration of all those whose lives you touch.
Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the People’s Coalition Government, I Congratulate you all on your achievement and wish you well in your endeavours.
Vina valevu djina and thank you.