The Deputy Public Affairs Officer US Embassy, Mr William Romine,
Representatives from the US Embassy,
Director Rugby Academy Fiji, Mr. Seremaia Bai,
Business Trainers,
Invited Guests,

Bula Vinaka and a very good evening.
Before we celebrate the achievement of these 12 women, I must say everyone looks radiant this evening.
Congratulations ladies for successfully completing the “Pacific’s First Women’s Agro-Rugby Programme” – on a sociable footing the sport of rugby is commonly male-dominated, but the achievement of these women today reinforces that “rugby isn’t just a guy thing!”
So I want to thank Mr. Seremaia Bai, for setting the direction for these young and aspiring women. Seremaia, your commitment in making this real is highly commendable.
Whilst there is no secret that rugby is close to our hearts – it takes someone passionate like Seremaia to put in the many hours and financial support in developing a sport which is much loved in our nation.
However, this Agro-Rugby concept initiated by the Eastern Saints Co-operative Limited and Rugby Academy Fiji has synchronized the development of key thematic and priority areas of Fiji like, agriculture, food security, women and youth empowerment, capacity building, rural development, economic growth and sports.
The Fiji Government’s support does not stop with just encouragement for this kind of initiative but we also provide training, mentoring, hand holding and most importantly funding – so I wish to convey my sincere gratitude and appreciation to USAID for coming on board and providing this financial support.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let’s all give a round of applause to these women who have strengthened their skills in basic agriculture, rugby and business.
Dear Graduands,
In my travels around Fiji, I have seen just how blessed we are to be born with so much talent – your talent supported by this training has enhanced your skills so you will be able to venture into agri-business activities and sports, become your own boss and provide for your family.
Ladies – you have also been imparted knowledge to form your own co-operative or join the Eastern Saints Co-operative Limited, which has shared such great success recently.
I hope today sets the foundation for a stronger partnership – please consider the team at the Ministry within reach to help you anytime.
With these words, I congratulate the graduates once again for their achievement.
Vinaka Vakalevu and Thank you.