• The Chief Executive Officer – Dawn Renewable Energy (Fiji) Limited and Senior Engineer of Nuclear Power Plant, Mr. Paul Huang;
  • Senior Management and Staff of Dawn Renewable Energy (Fiji) Limited;
  • Invited guests;
  • Ladies and Gentlemen.
Miau Sa Bula Re and a very good morning to you all!  At the outset I wish to thank Mr. Huang or Paul as I know him by and his team for this rather special invitation to open the Dawn Renewable Energy Limited Company Center. 
Ladies and gentlemen, the world through the 2015 Paris Agreement and other legislative frameworks  endeavours to keep the global average temperature rise to as close as possible to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels -  it is a central part of the battle to protect our planet from the effects of the very real Climate Change.  
The opening of this centre today is greatly significant on a personal level for me as it is closely linked to my personal interests in the field of Climate Change and the Protection of our Environment.  My passion to work in these spaces are not only centred around my traditional obligations in protecting the environment, conservation efforts and the protection of the oceans but stems from Fiji’s 5-Year and 20-Year National Development Plan [NDP] which sets goals for a resource-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy sector.  The NDP further delves into improving the effectiveness and sustainability of existing management models for off grid rural electrification, including Renewable Energy Service Companies and community cooperatives to provide electricity to isolated communities, remote islands and areas not served by the EFL grid. 
Like most small island developing states, there is an investment gap in the renewable energy sector, however here in Fiji, we are fortunate that organisations much like Dawn Renewable Energy (Fiji) Limited have identified this gap and have made the bold move to invest in Fiji, regardless of the COVID 19 pandemic. Their foresight, persistence and patience has paid off with today’s grand opening. Congratulations on this milestone achievement!
I am equally excited at the opportunities to use renewable energy that is now at our doorstep with initiatives like Dawn Renewable Energy expanding its operations not only here in Nadi but in Vanua Levu, Labasa and Kadavu and I only wish the company well in their endeavours and future plans.
In conclusion, a big Vinaka Vakalevu to Paul and your team for your passionate contributions toward Fiji’s renewable energy efforts that in the long term will achieve the national aim of transforming our energy consumption in the hope to mitigate climate change and its effects in

May the Almighty continue to bless Fiji and each of us.

Vinaka vakalevu.