Managing Directors Mr Mirza Steven Clive Buksh, Ms Titilia Buksh and Justin Ho of Subzero Cafe and Car wash,
Managing Directors Arthur Small and Krystal Croker of Crew Cuts Bar Bar Shop,
Family and Friends,
Invited Guests,
Bula Vinaka and a very good evening to you all.
It is my pleasure to be here today to officiate at the opening of this innovative business. This venture can be praised as an achievement of young budding business entrepreneurs – put together by a circle of friends.
Firstly, I would like to congratulate Steven, Titilia, Arthur, Justin and Krystal for establishing not one but three shops for the in Denarau - “Subzero Café & Carwash and Crew Cuts Bar-Bar Shop”. 
These outlets will no doubt add value, and make Denarau a more attractive package to locals and tourists.
In recent days, we have celebrated the accomplishments of young Fijians who have harnessed and furthered their entrepreneurial journey despite the setbacks from the pandemic.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As your Government, it is our priority to create a conducive and enabling business-friendly environment, whether you are a micro entrepreneur or a large business.
We need the private sector to take advantage of the incentives available and invest more. Whether its funding opportunities, tax reforms or training/learning opportunities, we encourage you to take advantage of it.
We have a dedicated team at the Ministry - MSME Fiji, that has been established to support the development of MSMEs in Fiji.
The Fijian Government is committed to creating opportunities for our youth, with the recent budget initiatives that was passed by Parliament this week. The focus continues  on educating our youth and nurturing them to become job creators instead of job seekers.
The Ministry will also be rolling out our MSME grant programs very soon so please keep a lookout for it!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
There are many things we can learn from this tight-knitted circle of friends – who are now business partners, which a lasting business must/can be built on friendship and most importantly trust.
I am told, 10 Fijians will be employed through this venture securing a source of employment for young Fijians who want to be part of the service industry. I encourage you to take advantage of the Stronger Together - Job Support scheme.
I also applaud these young entrepreneurs for venturing into this investment of $40,000 to establish an impressive space that will provide a diverse number of services to the Denarau Community.
As a business fixed to its Mission of creating a memorable experience for everyone within a friendly atmosphere – its businesses like “Subzero Café Carwash & Crew Cuts Bar-Bar Shop”, which give young business owners a zeal to excel, be drivers of positive change in our society.
So I commend you for establishing the first barber shop on Denarau Island, displaying the talents we have in the “personal care services” industry whilst providing your community this important service.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We need more enterprising Fijians to inspire others to step into the area of starting a business, a business close to their heart and a business which is for their family and community. Through such ventures, not only are you supporting livelihoods, you are also motivating young Fijians to contribute to our economy.
With those few words Ladies and Gentlemen, I once again congratulate Steven, Titilia, Arthur, Justin and Krystal on this new business journey.
Vinaka Vakalevu and Thank you.