Turaga na Ratu Moturiki;
Turaga na Ratu Bureta;
Tui Waidau – Navuloa;
Tui Namakubu – Nacobo;
Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Jone Usamate;
Senior Government Officials;
Ladies & Gentlemen;
Bula Vinaka and a very good morning to you all.

I am very happy to be here with all of you today to celebrate a truly life changing moment for the people of Moturiki. The commissioning of this project means every girl, boy, woman and man on Moturiki now has access to a sustainable, regular, and safe water supply.
My government funded this $3.2 million dollar project for one very simple reason – you, the Fijian people remain our number one priority. Over 1,300 people from 286 households, spanning ten villages will no longer have to rely on rainwater and village wells for their daily water needs.
As the climate crisis continues to wreak havoc across the Pacific and our beloved nation, the vulnerable are feeling the immediate brunt.
From longer and more severe dry spells, where water becomes a scarce commodity, to brutal, intensifying cyclones that destroy everything in their path – it is no secret that the environment around us is changing rapidly.
Even though some of the largest developed nations in the world are blinded by short-term economic gain over the life of our planet, my Government refuses to bow down to this line of thinking. There is nothing more important to us than our people, our natural environment, and our God-given resources. This is why we work every single day to leave no one behind; this is why we have spent millions on adapting to the changing climate; and in bringing clean, piped water to the villages of Savuna, Nasesara, Navuti, Nasauvuki, Wawa, Uluibau, Daku, Naicabecabe, Niubasaga and Yanuca.
Friends, as some of you might know, this is one of the largest maritime water projects in Fiji  – so I want to say, congratulations and thank you to all those who have made it a reality.
In the last few years, we have also undertaken similar projects in Galoa and Malake Islands – introducing piped water to approximately 5,450 Fijians. As I had mentioned to the people of Galoa, it is astonishing that some of our maritime islands were having to carry and find water in much the same way our ancestors did centuries ago – no Government in Fiji’s history ever cared enough to take the initiative to change this.
Our Fijian Constitution enshrines the right to adequate water for all Fijians and my Government’s 20-year National Development Plan paves the way to the realisation of that right for all Fijians.

Day by day, project by project, we are extending reliable supplies of clean water across the country.
Whether it is in education, access to digital TV and radio, access to healthcare or to clean water, my Government has made it a priority to close the gap between Fiji’s urban areas and its rural and maritime areas. It is not always easy or cheap to provide essential services to rural and maritime areas; but, just like you, ladies and gentlemen, we have never been afraid of hard work.
You told us what you needed, and we worked to find the most sensible, practical, and cost-effective solution for you. This is the power of the Fijian people today. You can rest assured that your Government not only listens, we act.
We are not here to make false promises or waste your time – we are here to continue steering Fiji into a productive, peaceful, prosperous future. One in which every citizen, regardless of where they reside, can reach their full potential.
Thank you again for your very warm welcome here and I wish all of you the good health and the peace of mind that a reliable source of water will bring you.
Vinaka Vakalevu!