Transmission Update
We have 94 new cases of COVID-19 to confirm since yesterday’s update. The new cases are linked to the following existing clusters:
CWM Hospital - 28
Nawaka, Nadi - 8
Navy - 5
Navosai - 14
Waila - 26
IMT - 9
RFMF - 3
Caubati - 1
2 cases that tested positive after presenting to Valelevu Health Centre are included in the CWM Hospital cluster as they had recently been discharged from the hospital. The Valelevu Health Centre is temporarily closed for decontamination.
Sadly, we have a death to report. This individual was admitted in the CWM Hospital’s Acute Medical Ward and died this morning as a result of the medical condition for which he was initially admitted. While the individual did test positive for COVID-19 during his admission at the hospital, we have not classified this as a COVID death based on the assessment of his doctors, who have determined that he died due to complications of his chronic medical condition. The Ministry expresses our condolences to his family.
4 patients have recovered, which means there are now 604 active cases in isolation. There have been 775 cases during the current outbreak that started in April 2021.

We have recorded a total of 845 cases in Fiji since the first case was reported in March 2020. We have had 234 recoveries, and 4 deaths due to COVID-19.

Testing Update
A total of 88,784 samples have been tested since this outbreak started in April 2021, with 129,205 tested since testing began in early 2020.

2,729 samples were tested and reported on 7 June. The national 7-day daily test average is 2882 tests per day or 3.3 per 1000 population. The national 7-day average daily test positivity is 1.9%. 
Vaccination Update
As of today, 218,830 individuals in Fiji have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. With the exception of Nadi, where we are still awaiting the clearance of relevant vaccine administration personnel, the vaccine rollout is continuing nationwide.
Additional Updates 
The Colonial War Memorial Hospital is now a dedicated COVID-care facility. Quarantine corridors will be established to accommodate CWMH staff in partnership with FNU. The lab team at the hospital has resumed testing operations from today. A FEMAT Field Hospital to cater for non-COVID care is being established.
Epidemic Outlook 
The majority of new cases are a result of transmission in closed indoor spaces. Members of the public should avoid any situation that puts them into close quarters with others outside of their household or home bubble. If you see a crowding situation, avoid it at all costs. Do not add to the problem. Even when you are masked, entering into close quarters with others can place you at grave risk. If you feel certain health measures are being violated, call us at number 163 to report your concern.
Due to the high number of cases and constraints on quarantine capacity, new positive cases are being entered into home isolation, where feasible. Specific guidance has been provided for these individuals to ensure they do not have contact with other members of their households. It is vital –– particularly in multi-generational households –– that the Ministry’s home isolation protocols are strictly followed. While we will be regularly checking up on these individuals, adherence to our home isolation protocols within the household is critical at all times.
Given the escalating numbers of new cases in the Lami-Nausori Containment zone, we are preparing to shift into a mitigation phase that ensures that healthcare resources are focussed on caring for patients who develop severe illness as a result of the virus, to ensure that they can receive proper treatment and achieve the best possible outcome from the care.
To all employers in the Lami-Nausori zone: while we understand that it is not possible for all workplaces, we strongly encourage employers to ask their employees to work from home in instances where that can be managed.