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Visitors to this 2-day event will be empowered with new knowledge and skill sets that would enable them to be easily absorbed into the workforce.  

May I remind you once again of the purpose of our organisation which is to contribute to the development of young people, our efforts must aim to ensure that the young people we interact with are inspired to learn, to share their talents and abilities with those who are less fortunate in their communities. We must instill in these young people the passion to share their experiences positively with other young people and spread the Scout spirit and message of ‘peace’ and strive to be responsible citizens.  

As a parent, when your child suffers from a serious illness, that can bring crushing and overwhelming stress. The only thing that matters to a mother or father faced with that situation is whether or not their child can receive the care they need to get better. In those moments, you’re not thinking about the money. You’re not thinking about the sacrifices that must be made. You will do anything and everything to make sure your child gets better. As both a parent and a grandparent, I’ve been there. I know exactly how that feels.  

Education is an essential means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to fully participate in the development process. Sustainable development is only possible when women and men enjoy equal opportunities to reach their potential.

For Fijians, the life and death of Jesus carry lessons that carry profound meaning for each of us. Jesus’s life was a life dedicated to the service of all people, from all walks of life. His love touched the hearts of women, men, children, youths and elders from all different faiths, different socio-economic backgrounds, and different cultures. 



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