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All Fijian babies born on or after June 3rd of this year at any of these hospitals in the West can now register via the app, and we’re not stopping here: Come July 5th, these new-age services will be extended to Savusavu, Labasa, and Taveuni, and by August 9th, our reach will extend to Rakiraki and Nausori.

I’m glad that our lorry drivers here in the Western Division have chosen to stand with Government and the people of Fiji is recognising that our infrastructure must be protected. You understand why these laws matter, for yourselves and your fellow Fijians, and why they must be enforced.

Fiji is no longer some isolated island economy; we’re an integrated hub of economic development. That transformation has brought unprecedented prosperity to our people, creating new jobs, higher wages, new development and new opportunities. And throughout this economic evolution, we’ve made clear and consistent financial commitments to improving public safety.

The greatest impact of having superstars like the Chiefs and the Crusaders here in Fiji doesn’t come from points on the board; it comes from the inspiration that you instill in our people, particularly the young rugby fans who look up to you with such admiration.

When it comes to Sports and on this occasion – Weightlifting – Fiji always pride itself as a small country with a relatively small population base – But, is capable of “Punching Well Above its Weight”. Fiji aspires to become a regional training centre for sports and we are also preparing to bid to host a future Pacific Games which will make it the fourth (4th) time we have hosted this Continental Games since the first Games were launched in Fiji in 1963.



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